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We have been exclusively performing cosmetic surgeries for over 15+ years.  Our Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Araya has performed over 5000 surgeries/procedures and several hundreds of thousands of minor cosmetic procedures.  Plus, he has over 20+ years of surgical and cosmetic surgery research. Dr. Araya has operated on physicians, dentists, nurses and some notable individuals who have won Emmy awards.  Members of State Department, Congress, US Senate, IMF, World Bank, Treasury Dept., NIH, and more have chosen Dr. Araya for cosmetic procedures. Dr. Araya attended the University of Michigan, Michigan State for medical school and University of California San Francisco for post graduate in surgery. Dr. Araya holds surgical and medical licenses from DC Board of Medicine, Virginia Board of Medicine and Maryland Board of Physicians. He is one of the very few cosmetic surgeons nationwide to hold three surgical and medical licenses from three state medical boards.

What will remain steadfast in the realm of cosmetic surgery is that it is the skill and artistry of the Cosmetic surgeon that determines a successful outcome. Cosmetic Surgery is a surgical art. Dr. Araya, a cosmetic surgeon, has done more cosmetic surgeries and procedures in Washington dc area than most physicians. Likewise, sound medical decisions, based on years of study and practice, are made by the cosmetic surgeon, and other cosmetic surgical team members. These are central to your safety while undergoing a cosmetic procedure. 

Dr. Araya makes critical decisions that will never be overshadowed by technology of any kind. The curves and shapes, the amount of fat to extract or skin to remove, the evenness with which it is removed and the blending of one area into another are all artistic judgment calls on the part of the cosmetic surgeon. In his 20 years of surgical research, Dr. Araya is one of the few to recognize the potential reaction or a delayed hypersensitive reaction to surgical stainless steel equipment. His research has shown how to eliminate and reduce the delayed hypersensitity reaction. In his research, Dr. Araya has devised local anesthesia to take a better effect than previously expected.  To eliminate and reduce post-surgery swelling, Dr. Araya’s research has shown that certain medications reduce swelling significantly. Ultimately, excellent outcome depends on an excellent and cooperative patient.

In cosmetic surgery, every patient is different. Every patient recovers and heals differently. One key factor is as long as a patient follows post-surgery or after surgery instructions, it’s rare to have complications from cosmetic procedures. Patients are encouraged to share and disclose ALL of their medical history so that a proper individualized cosmetic surgery care plan can be created. A few Patients with certain medical conditions might not qualify for cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon? There is a public misconception about plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons are mainly trained to do breast cancer reconstruction surgery and other reconstructive surgeries NOT cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures. This is contrary to what everyone believes that plastic surgeons are cosmetic surgeons which is not accurate.  Plastic surgery training on average is 2-3 years and focuses mainly in reconstructive surgeries and NOT in cosmetic surgery or procedures. Dr. Araya with his 15+ years of cosmetic surgical experience and over 20 years of cosmetic surgery research does not practice plastic surgery.

Your next step to fully understand cosmetic procedures that may benefit you is to schedule a free consultation with our cosmetic surgeon.  During your consultation, we will examine you and discuss all of your surgical options. A patient consultant will also be present to help answer any questions in regards to scheduling, lab work, medications, post op care and transportation.  You will be able to view photographs of patients who have had a similar cosmetic procedure. You will be provided with a written cosmetic surgery quote, detailing the full costs of the procedure including postoperative care, medications and lab work (medications and labs are covered by insurance and there is no surgical follow up fee). 

For your initial appointment, please arrive 30 minutes early if it’s your first time or you have not been to see us for over 12 months so that you can fill or update your medical chart We will have staff present to assist you at that time if needed.

If you are coming in for minor procedures like fillers and botox injections etc, the consultation is free and the injections could be done during the same appointment.

Scheduling a surgical date requires a minimal deposit, so please remember to bring your schedule and a preferred method of payment if you plan to schedule for surgery the day of your consultation. If you plan to schedule your future date for surgery at the time of your initial consultation, our office will be happy to send you the script for your lab work ahead of time as lab results are required prior to scheduling surgeries. However, if you have a recent (less than 6 months) lab work, please, bring it with you or email it to us prior to your arrival and we can review it when you come in for your free consultation.

Scheduling for surgery is easy because we have in house financing, flexible financing, payments plans and interest free and zero down financing. Ask one of our support staff for details or come in for a follow up consultation.

Our staff is always available to answer any additional questions and we look forward to seeing you at your upcoming appointment!  Providing quality care and meeting the needs of our patients is very important to our office. We want to be certain that we are providing you with excellent first class care along with special and personal attention. If you have concerns and suggestions, it is important to share them with us as every patient is different and we would like to address concerns and suggestions promptly.

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