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Black dermatologist dc

We have performed more major cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic dermatology procedures in s and black skin than anyone in Washington DC area.  When you want more advanced dermatologic care than you can apply yourself at home, that’s when we come in. Whether you're thinking about a prescription acne drug, facial peel, microdermabrasion, laser treatment or other approach, ask around for an expert in treating dark skin, that’s where we come in too. We know black skin because we have black skin.

In inexperienced hands, these more complex skin therapies can end up ruining your look rather than rejuvenating it. Black dermatologist dc,  “Black don’t crack” is a universal saying passed down from grandmothers to mothers and eventually to you. While skin is highly resilient and thick compared to other shades of beauty, your black will crack if you...have someone with no experience treats you. skin has its own needs and challenges and its best treated by someone who does treat black skin regularly. Call 202.452.1332 to make an appointment or click on the online appointment.

About Vita surgical group, it  has been the exclusive cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology  center in Washington DC. Vita Surgical has been the Cosmetic Surgery clinic to go to for some of the legendary Hollywood stars, Emmy award recipients, Grammy receipts, Foreign Diplomats, IMF and World bank, White House Staff, members of the US congress and Senate, High ranking officials within the US Military, Other doctors, Dentist, Judges and other well respected community leaders as well as to mom’s and dad’s. Vita Surgical is a true innovator in cosmetic Surgery and cosmetic surgery and continues to provide excellent patient care in the US capitol.

We have preformed several thousand of cosmetic surgeries and performed over several hundreds of thousands of cosmetic procedures. 

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