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The Liposuction training course is taught by Dr. Henok Araya, MD and staff at Vita Surgical Group in Washington DC. Dr. Araya has authored one of the first text books in Liposuction: princeples and practice, ISBN 978098696911. Dr Araya has performed more liposuction surgeries than most surgeons. Dr. Araya also drafted the first National Standard of care for liposuction surgery.

In cosmetic surgeries, artistic surgical skills means more than anything, so check out Dr.Araya’s liposuction before and after photos. You will understand that you will be learning from one of the best cosmetic surgeons in North America, right in the capital city of America, Washington DC.

Liposuction Course Description
Definition: Tumescent liposuction is a technique for the removal of subcutaneous fat under local anesthesia called tumescent anesthesia.


The physician performing liposuction should have completed medical school, and have unrestricted medical license to practice medicine and surgery. In addition to the surgical technique, training will include instruction in patient selection and elimination, proper pre-op including blood work, sterilizing techniques, surgical prep, monitoring of vital signs, post surgical dressing, fluid and electrolyte balance, potential complications of liposuction, tumescent and other forms of anesthesia as well as emergency care and extensive follow up. Indentifying the risks of lidocaine toxicity and epinephrine toxicity and electrolyte imbalance due to sodium bicarbonate will be carefully reviewed and mastered during the course.

Upon signing up for the course, you will receive an e-book of Liposuction: principles and practice, 2nd edition. You are expected to have read the entire book prior to your arrival for training. The course is Hands-on practice and time will be spent on the key aspects of surgery.

The topics covered in Liposuction course include:
Evolution of Cosmetic Surgery   
Epidemiology of Obesity   
Psychology of Beauty   
Patient Assessment and Pre-operative   
Equipments and Sterilization   
Surgical Procedures and techniques   
Complications and Treatment
Pain Management   
Wound Healing   
Legal and Malpractice

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